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Leg slut part 2 of 5

and red toenail polish thinking to your self how you would love to grab those sexy feet and lick and suck on those long toes your thought process is interrupted as you hear her soft gentle voice say I have walked rather far do you mind if I take off my heels, mesmerized with a hard on you watch as she leans forward and slips her foot out of her pointy toe heel and massages it  wiggles her toes through her stocking sends chills up your spine she place her high heel next to her foot and the lift her long leg up with her knee pointing to the ceiling and peels off the other heel you can tell that her foot is a little sweaty as he peels the stocking off the arch of her foot her arches would make the perfect pussy you are thinking in your mind how you would love to grab those calfs and rub your dick up and down the muscle line of them all the way across her dainty ankle to the silky smooth arch you inhale a deep breath hoping to get a trace of her foot scent and you cannot then you wonder if she has noticed as you see her looking up at you smiling bating her long eyelashes at you pursing her lips and says do you mind they are very sore and I see that you are intrigued with them you can massage them for me if you like without hesitation you jump down on your knees infront of her and kneel, tasking one of her precious feet in your hands you lift them up close enough to your face so that you can inhale the fragrance of her essence and take a deep breath as you inhale you can feel your manhood leaking she is looking down at you smiling and you cannot help but look up and notice that she is not wearing any panties the stocking are just thigh highs and you can see the white flesh of her upper thighs her thighs are perfect long and muscular sexy so womanly and before you know it her fragrant stocking foot is right under your nose and your tongue is making its way to the delicate


Leg Slut Part 1 of 5

You answer the door and there she is a beautiful tall women with a colorful shpitzel and a colorful matching silk long sleeve dress with a high collar a very modest choice of apparel but her face and feet were not appropriate at all. He always looked down when greeting someone and it was so he could get a look first at the part of the female body that turned him on ever so much. She wore a black silk stocking with her long legs expose her dress hitting just below the knee he could see through her stockings and her beautiful muscular calfs were flexing as her shoe were high heels much higher than a proper jewish girl would wear but it was purim and she was allowed to dress funny they way her foot arches and slide into the heel was to much for him to bare and he got an instant erection as his eyes wandered up her body she had curves in all the right places as he got to her arms he saw a gift in her perfect dainty hands her fingers were long and manicured as he gazed to her face the makeup was so thick that her did not recognize her her lips were painted a dark red with lipliner a shade darker her eye lashes were thick and long and she had piercing blue eyes that had a thick bat winged eyeliner on you tell her that  your wife is not home and she say well silly I am actually here to see you can I come in. I have brought you this gift. You invite her in and show her to the living room when she take a seat on the couch you sit across from her and cannot get your eyes off her beautiful long young legs hmm you thought brought me a gift she is truely a sight for sore eyes and just the presence of her beauty is a gift into itself you are thinking it as if she is hypnotizing you she crosses her long leg over the other and you get a glimpse of her inner upper thigh and what you thought may be her hot hole she starts swinging her long leg back and forth dangling her high heel off the tip of her toes and you can see the arch in her sexy stoking clad foot you also notice that she has hot legs